Feeding Seagulls & Coyotes in LIV
is strictly prohibited!
3 Reasons to NOT Feed the Seagulls
"Respecting the area’s wildlife is another way to make sure the coast is a fun place to visit. The seagulls may look friendly, but they are wild animals. They are also very clever. If people feed them, it doesn’t take long for the birds to associate people with a source of food. 
The top three reasons you shouldn’t feed the gulls:  
  • French fries and other “people” foods are not a part of a gull’s natural diet. Fries, breads and other foods are low in nutrition and may prevent the birds from eating their more healthful natural foods. This, in turn, causes health problems for the birds.  
  • Feeding the birds and other wildlife teaches them to not fear humans. Gulls are natural scavengers. They can become aggressive toward people as they try to steal food from plates or hands.  
  • Feeding one gull is a signal for all of its friends to join in. Before you know it, there are 20 or 30 gulls above you begging for food. Being below that many birds is never a good idea."  
"Be good to the gulls, your fellow beach lovers and yourself by keeping your food away from the wildlife and by depositing wrappings and other trash in designated receptacles. "
Why is there a coyote in my yard?
  • "Coyotes generally avoid humans, even when their home range encompasses largely urban or suburban habitat." 
  • "However, the presence of a free buffet in the form of pet food or garbage can lure coyotes into suburban yards and create the impression that backyards are bountiful feeding areas."
  • "Without the lure of food or other attractants, their visits will be brief and rare, but a coyote who finds food in one yard may learn to search for food in others. "

Welcome New Board Members
Former Board Members Appreciated
The 2023 LIVOA Director Election and Annual Meeting was attended by LIV Owners March 4. Owner registration and ballot pickup was extended one hour to reach the 411 required quorum. GM Doc Young presented informative updates about LIV. click here
We extend a deep appreciation for the time, dedication, and community thoughtfulness of former Board of Director Members. This is many times a thankless volunteer position. Former Directors include Bob Champion and Johnny Duke.
LIV welcomes new or returning directors, listed as the top six names with the highest votes. Article IX, paragraph 6 change to update the definition of Commercial Property was successful.
Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers and LIV's office staff for the time and planning to conduct the LIVOA Election and Annual Meeting.

Long Island Village Property Videos
Click here for a list of video links or visit Facebook page LIV/SPI Drone Art . (Please credit Mike Farrell if videos/photos are used for any reason). 
Board of Directors Monthly Meeting
March22 at 9AM
Arts & Craft Home
by Zoom Video Conference
Meeting ID: 608 299 4192
Passcode: GQ5yFi
Track LIV's Infrastructure Project
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Infrastructure Project BOD Chairman
General Information about Long Island Village
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Long Island Village Owner Website Registration
Click here to register as a property owner on the Long Island Village website. You will receive an e-mail authorization with a link to set up your password.
Attention All Owners:
LIV's Administration Fee is a one-time payment of $90 per rental effective Monday May 30. Renters will be required to register and pay their administrative fee at the Welcome Center.
You are responsible for your renters. Make sure that your renters are aware of the LIV Rules & Regulations. Any fines they incur while they are here will be posted on your account.
2023 Condo Fees
$3,990.60 Annual
$997.65 Quarterly
$334.55 Monthly (includes $2 Administration fee)

Long Island Village is a gated community located just across the Intracoastal Waterway via a swing bridge from Port Isabel, Texas. Handy to the popular vacation destination of South Padre Island, Long Island Village provides vacation accommodations as well as permanent residences for the many folks who like to call this tropical paradise their home. 

Our properties range from R.V. lots with full hook-ups and dock facilities, to Park Models, Extended Park Models, Sea Cottages, and Cottage homes as well. We feature amenities such as an 18-hole, par 3 golf course, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis, volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard, exercise room, billiard room, miniature golf course, library, laundry, and tennis courts.  Wireless internet is available at the Activity Center. Many of our properties are on one of the channels which connect with the Intracoastal Waterway. The village also provides a boat ramp for residents to launch their water craft directly into the Intracoastal. We invite you to learn more about our facilities and contact us for further information or reservations.
Welcome Center
Monday- Saturday 8 AM-5 PM 
Sundays 8 AM-4 PM
Long Island Village                       
33772 S Garcia                             
Port Isabel, Texas 78578
Security Cell Phone
                          Location Map                        Property Map
None listed at this time.
Event Calendar
LIV's Got Talent Show
Monday, March 20, 2023
Got a singing voice? Play an instrument? Have some dance moves? Is comedy in your blood? Maybe you juggle or clog or have a rabbit up your sleeve? Share your...
Yoga Class
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
10am to 10:45am
Monthly fee paid in advance
$10 per class or all inclusive $40
(Mats & Refreshments available)
For more information, contact instructor Bridget Little at (360) 908-2279
Beginner’s Yoga/Stretch & Belly Dance Classes
Thursday, March 23, 2023
9am to 9:45am
Monthly fee paid in advance
$10 per class or all inclusive $40
(Mats & Refreshments available)
For more information, contact instructor Bridget Little at (360) 908-2279
From the Desk of GM
From the Desk of General Manager
welcome as the new General Manager of Long Island Village. I am looking forward to a positive and productive relationship with everyone! I certainly met a lot of people on January 30, at the Meet and Greet, and attended my first “Coffee with the Directors” on February 8. Since that time, I have been getting to know the property, as well as the many wonderful people associated with it. I have been attending the various committee meetings, listening and providing support to the activities.
I have set a target of March 30 to have the Dog Park completed. I came in at the middle of that project, and now believe we have it moving forward.
We will be getting a new mowing contractor on March 3. Please be sure to have individual yards ready for the mowing season, and free of impediments.
Other improvements are under way, including completing a number of projects that seem to have been waiting a while. I hope you will see the details getting taken care of smoothly.
The golf course is getting back into shape after some problems with crabgrass. The results were bare spots, and we are working on restoring our greens and fairways. We contacted the Texas A&M Extension Service to take advantage of their expertise, and also let Marco apply his years of experience.
If you see me out and about, please feel free to come over and speak with me. If I don’t recall your name, please be forgiving, I have met a lot of people in the past couple of weeks – but I am always glad to listen!
1.Please clean up around homes. Keep LIV beautiful.
2.If you have vegetation hanging into the canals, please have it removed.
3.Please make sure your golf cart has your lot number on it.
4.Pet owners, please remember to pick up after your pet.
5.Spring Break is just around the corner, please be prepared!
Lastly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the staff and volunteers of LIV. During the absence of the GM, they held everything together, kept the services running and took care of business. A big “Thank You” to everyone concerned!
Doc - Dr. Glenn R. Young
General Manager, Long Island Village
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Things To Do
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Golf Bulletin Board
Golf Bulletin Board
View detailed video tour of 18 Holes here, with tips by Mike Farrell
Pro Shop Hours
8:30 am to 10 pm
Golf Rates click here


Add Day Play - $10.00 for Adults
                         $5.00 for Children
Twilight Play - 5pm - $5.00 for Everyone

The 2017 LIV  CANCER RALLY was a huge success. With your help we were able to raise $17,550 to send to the American Cancer Society & St. Jude's Children's Hospital for Cancer Research.
Thanks to all volunteers, sponsors, golfers, owners, and visitors!

Village Grill


New Hours

Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

8AM - 2PM



Real Estate
Atchley Realty
Robbie Atchley Coffman, BROKER
(956) 943-2313 Cell (956) 525-2124
Will Zuniga
David Evans
P.D. and Norma Swink
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Hurricane Message Board
The Hurricane Message Board is a public forum to convey important information during tropical storm warnings and hurricane weather updates at Long Island Village. This message board is available for quests and owners to ask questions and receive guidelines for safety procedures during an emergency weather event.
Message Board