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Registration for Owners & Renters
Owners and Renters must complete the necessary forms to maintain accurate community records at the Welcome Center. These forms are available at the Welcome Center and staff is happy to answer any questions pertaining to a form. All guests at LIV must be registered through the Welcome Center.

Security Information
Our community utilizes electronic gates to control entrance to LIV property. Security guards monitor the gate entrance and patrol the community streets and common buildings 24 hrs/day 365 days/yr. Security staff may be contacted by patrons with questions or concerns involving safety issues of persons and/or properties. At any time, a suspected law is validated or injury occurs or a danger to person or property is witnessed, CALL 911 TO CONTACT LOCAL POLICE, FIRE OR EMS.

Rental Info for Renters & Property Management 
Our community contains properties owned by both individuals, family trusts, and businesses. With 1024 properties, people are coming and going regularly, along with vendors. Through LIV's priority to keep our community secure and safe, LIV staff must be aware of those visiting our community. If you rent your property, be sure you notify your guests that fees apply to your guests. You must make arrangements to obtain Electronic Gate Passes or provide guest access by your Gate Code. Wrist bands are required by all persons enjoying our common amenities. LIV only provides property management services for those owners contracted with the rental service.

LIV Property Policies
  • LIV Association Rules and Regulations
  • Change in use of ATVs, UTVs and ROVs
    On October 28, 2020, the Board of Directors voted to change the LIV Rules & Regulations, page 1, #6 to the following:
    • No vehicles, RVs, trailers, etc., may park overnight on common areas or common area parking lots without a special pass issued at the Welcome Center. No ATVs, UTVs, or ROVs are allowed in the Village, unless required for medical purposes or used as service or maintenance vehicle by long Island Village.
    • Effective immediately, no ATVs, UTVs or ROVs are allowed in Long Island Village. Any incoming vehicles above mentioned will not be allowed to enter LIV. 
    • Those owners who own the above mentioned vehicles will have until January 1, 2021 to remove them from LIV.
    Change in Policy Violation Fines
    On July 24, 2020, the Board of Directors passed a motion to increase all fines by %100. This includes allowing minors to drive golf carts, unkept lots and homes and any violations of the LIV Rules & Regulations. Page 7, #s 6 & 7.
    • In the case of a violation of the Building Rules, the owner shall be subject to any one or more of the following penalties:
    *A Twenty Dollar ($20) per day penalty for each day the violation continues past the deadline set forth herein.
    *forfeiture of the owner's permit deposit.
    *addition of all unpaid penalties to the lot owner's condominium fees.
    • In the case of a Non-Building Rules Violation, the monetary penalty shall be as follows:
    *For the first (1st) violation (after written warning) the penalty shall be One Hundred Dollars ($100).
    • For the second (2nd) violation of the same offense, the penalty shall be One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150).
    • For the third (3rd) violation of the same offense, the penalty shall be Two Hundred Dollars ($200).
    • After the third (3rd) violation of the same offense, the penalty shall be a Twenty Dollars ($20) per day penalty for each day the violation continues.

Building Codes
Update & Things to Know
  • Please welcome J & R Landscaping as our new lawn mowing contractor. We ask for your patience while they get past the learning curve of mowing our village. Their contract provides for mowing, weed eating and spraying the vegetation in the driveways only. It does not include flower beds, tree/bush trimming, special requests, etc. For issues pertaining to mowing, the procedure is as follows: Please put in a work order on our website or call the Welcome Center to fill out the form for lawn mowing issues.
  • We have suffered some chipping damage to our greens at the Golf Course. Please take care when playing. Riding or walking through the golf course is prohibited if you are not playing golf.
  • The Library is no longer collecting cans. They appreciate everyone who has donated their cans over the years, but it has become cost prohibitive.
LIV Owners Association Info
Long Island Village Owners Association provides many amenities to owners. LIVOA fees may be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.
2021 Condo Fees
  • $3513.12 Annual
  • $878.28 Quarterly
  • $294.76 Monthly (includes $2 Administration fee)
Amenities include:
  • Water and Sewer
  • Trash
  • Roadside trash pickup of large items (please notify Welcome Center)
  • Spectrum Cable TV and Internet (includes 1 digital receiver and modem)
  • Electronic Gate Security
  • 24/7/365 Security Guard
  • Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Billiards Room
  • Tennis Courts and Pickle Ball Court
  • Miniature Golf
  • 18 Par 3 Golf Course
  • Owner Golf Membership Options and Green Fee Discount
  • Indoor and Outdoor Jacuzzis
  • Library
  • USPS Mailboxes
  • Lawn Maintenance and Sprinkler System
  • Lawn Pest Control
  • Boat Ramp
  • Many different Social Activities
LIV Staff
Things to Do