Candidate Introductions
On February 25 starting at 6PM, meet the candidates running for a position on the LIV Board of Directors at the Recreation Hall. Click on each candidate's name for submitted introductions.
"My pledge is to use my background and experience to protect the interests of the owners and work for the betterment of LIV.

I am a licensed attorney with Board experience.  I believe that I have the necessary tools to work with the other directors in a positive direction.  I will work for more transparency and better communication with the LIV owners."
Oscar X. Garcia

My name is John Nold. I reside at sea cottage number 1010. My wife and I stay at Long Island Village ten months out of the year. We have owned here for approximately three years. I have been an appointed board member since last September. Since that time, it has been my privilege to work with what I believe are hardworking and sincere board members. I have decided to run for a board position this March. During my short time as an appointed board member, I have been a part of a board philosophy that strives to make Long Island Village a better place to live and play. I have personally been involved in the beautification volunteer project that is currently working on our fences. In addition, I am chair of a conduct committee and a security transition viability committee.  I am very excited about the future agenda that the current board has identified as “must do” items. Paramount on this list is infrastructure modernization. This infrastructure project will bring our community into the 21 century, insuring that we are able to go forward into the coming decades with plumbing, electrical and sewage systems that are designed for a community that has already evolved into a community of permanent residences with higher demands than 20 and 30 years ago. This project will demand the attention to detail and sense of urgency that only very dedicated board members can see through to successful completion. I know what the personal sacrifice in time and energy has been with this board and I want to continue to be an active participant in the continued transition of Long Island Village into a modern, and efficient community. 
Please support me for the upcoming elections for Board of Directors.
John Nold

I, Ed McBride, would like to continue working with this Board of Directors because I am excited to be involved in the positive changes taking place in our village. Some of the changes I have been involved in:
  • Owners now have the opportunity to build larger homes, while keeping the safety set back rules.
  • Realtors and Owners now have the right to hold “open houses” one weekend a month resulting in positive turnover and increased property values.
  • We removed Aramark management and routed the savings toward much needed infrastructure improvements.
  • We focused on water supply repairs and have negotiated refunds with our water district.
  • We replaced the outdated, inefficient mailboxes with larger, modern boxes that are numbered to match every property and added parcel boxes to stop the long wait at the Post Office. This change will also help with FedEx and UPS deliveries going to the correct house.
  • We implemented a policy limiting condo fee increases to cost of living increases.
  • We shifted the building inspection process to the county to insure fair and impartial treatment to all owners.
  • We have consistently listened to owners and residents and worked together to ensure that concerns are dealt with in a way that is fair to everyone.
  • We have worked with our attorney and are now free of all lawsuits.
I hope you will allow me to continue working for you.
Ed McBride

INTRO: My name is Armando Zamora, I worked with Aramark for 30 years. The last 21 years I was employed as facilities manager at Long Island Village and I have been a resident of LIV for the last year. As manager I became aware of the rules and regulations, policies and bylaws of the infrastructure of LIV. As such I believe I can be a big asset to this community. I have the knowledge and the ability to continue building the infrastructure of this community. I would like to see an increase in security for the safety of all our residents and visitors alike. I was also fortunate enough to learn about the finances of LIV and wish to increase the financial stability of the Village. I want LIV community to know that I am aware of situations that need to change and that I am experienced in all areas of running the park. I also want the community to know that I am available for any questions, concerns or comments.

Graduated University of Kansas with a degree in Civil Engineering, worked for Kansas Highway department and the Federal Aviation Administration before joining Weaver Overhead Door which I ran for over thirty years retiring in 2011.
I have served 3 years on the current board Chairing the Insurance committee and worked on several other committees including the committee negotiating the (TV and/or internet contract).
Visions for LIVOA
Infrastructure: The entire potable water system, irrigation system, sewer system, underground electric, surface drainage and roads need to be replaced. I pledge to work with the engineering firm, permitting authorities, and others to see the financing, planning and construction is within the scope and abilities of LIVOA without the need for special assessments.
Finance & Goals:
Justify a savings benefit as a reason to spend any money on a new program or equipment. Keep LIVOA on budget.
I will continue to listen and respect all owners and their opinions. Armed with their information and research I will use my best judgment and a dose of common sense for the benefit of LIVOA.
I am Gail Farrell. My husband, Mike, has owned a lot in LIV since 2000. We both retired a couple of years ago and built a house on Lot 194. We often tell each other how lucky we are to live here.
I was in the educational field for 36 years, 30 of which I taught grades ranging from kindergarten through seventh grade. The last six years of my career I was a Math Specialist in charge of teachers in grades PK through 2nd. There were 32 teachers I was responsible for in these grade levels. As part of my job, I prepared for and led weekly planning sessions. I also conducted evaluations followed by debriefs and personal training. I held both district wide and local team training sessions. In the classrooms, I modeled mathematical teaching strategies. As a member of the administration team, I was involved with creating our school improvement plan which reported to the federal government.
Now I am retired and, because of my love for this community, I would like to bring the skills I gained from my professional and personal experiences to the Board and serve in whatever capacity is needed.
Thank you,
Gail Farrell
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