FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions asked by owners and guests may be valuable to many. If you have a question you would like answered, please use the Contact Us page.

  • What is the procedure to admit guests and renters to LIV?
    Procedure for Admitting Guests and Renters
    Renters will only be allowed to check in if they have the owner’s written permission on a form called “Guest of Owner” form. This form can be submitted by one of the following:
    • Submit the online form for owners registered on this website. (Click here).
    • Mailed to the Welcome Center (prior to renter arrival) Guest of Owner Form
    • Hand deliver to the Welcome Center.
    Once the Welcome Center receives the “Guest of Owner” form, staff prepare all necessary paperwork & pre-program car pass keys to streamline the guest check in process. Guests must provide additional information. Guests may use the online Guest Information form.
    Owners using 3rd party rental service must still notify the Welcome Center via “Guest of Owner" form of any guest arrival & duration of stay.
    All renters must pay the LIV registration fees, swim band fees, car pass fees and must be notified of LIV Rules & Regulations. It is the Owners responsibility to notify 3rd party rental services of check-in requirements & fees.
    All renters must pay the LIV resort fee and be notified of LIV Rules & Regulations. LIV rental pool renters are required to pay a $50 resort fee (includes swim bands and two gate cards). Third party renters are required to pay an $80 resort fee (includes swim bands and two gate cards). It is the Owner's responsibility to notify 3rd party rental services of check-in requirements & fees.
  • How much is the Condo Fee at Long Island Village?
    The LIV Owner Association Condo Fee for each property at Long Island Village (similar to a HOA fee) is $3,420 per year. Fees may be paid annually, quarterly ($855/quarter) or monthly ($287/month includes admin fee). This annual fee includes the following amenities:
    1. Water and sewer
    2. Cable Basic TV thru Spectrum
    3. Lawn care including mosquito lawn treatment
    4. Gated entrance, with community patrolled 24/7
    5. Access to swimming pools, Jacuzzis, tennis courts, shuffle boards, billiards, ping pong, pickle ball court, miniature golf, work-out equipment and common areas.
    6. Optional green fees to Award-winning 18-hole golf course
    7. Private community boat ramp
  • How do the electronic gates work?
    1. Each owner receives 2 free electronic passes. Additional passes may be purchased at the Welcome Center.
    2. The Exit gate opens once you pull your vehicle close to the gate arm.
    3. Fed Ex, UPS, newspaper delivery, and other regular delivery services receive LIV access by registering at the Welcome Center. Call Security at 956-564-1511 if you have questions.
    4. Long Term Renters (1 month or more) may purchase a window gate pass ($20.00) and use the Owners Gate for the duration of their stay.
    5. Report to the Welcome Center if your owner's gate pass is not working.
  • What is the schedule for our security guards?
    One security guard is on duty for each of 3 shifts during 24 hours. This guard will monitor gate traffic, patrol the property and secure buildings and grounds at the end of the day. If a guard is needed at the entrance or for other purposes, please call the Security cell phone:
  • What is the status of the canal dredging?
    Dredging of all Long Island Village canals, as well as property along the Intracoastal Waterway and the boat ramp is complete. All canals were dredged to contracted depths. Dredging equipment left in Long Island waterways will be removed with no cost to the Association.
  • Will I lose TV channels when Spectrum changes to digital broadcast?
    On or about April 24, 2018, Spectrum will be updating all channels to broadcast digitally (in compliance with the FCC deadline). If you do not currently have a Spectrum TV Digital Receiver hooked between the coaxial cable and your TV, you will NOT have TV reception following Spectrum's service upgrade. Click here for details to upgrade your TV to receive digital broadcasting.
  • How do I utilize a mailbox at Long Island Village?
    A mailbox for each lot in Long Island Village is available for each owner in the Activity Center. Owners check out two keys to each mailbox at the Welcome Center.  The owner's mailbox is the same number as the owner's lot number. Each lot number has an assigned mailbox with the same number. There is no cost for this mail service.
    USPS will deliver mail Monday - Saturday (normal USPS schedule) and utilize large parcel boxes in the Activity Center for oversize packages. Owners may give renters keys for use of the owner's mailbox. Mail to these mailboxes will begin May 1, 2018. The Long Island Village owner mailing address for each mailbox will be the following street address including the lot number. 
    33840 S Garcia
    #lot number (i.e. #384, or #1010 for Sea Cottage 10)
    Port Isabel, TX 78578